* Geometric acute foil - made in Netherlands, 4 Different patterns, capture hairs growing from different directions and lengths.
* Precision Blade - made in Japan, golden acute 36o blade for a precise and closer shave.
* Dual floating blade shaving System - cuts hair closer to skin.
* Shaving with foam - shaves in wet and dry condition.
* 'T' form ergonomic design - easy to hold and easy to use.
* High capacity - battery for extended usage.
* Quick charge - 1.5 Hrs to charge fully.
* Durable high speed motor - high power made in Japan motor delivers smoother and cleaner shave.
* Pop up trimmer - for grooming moustache and sideburns.
* Accessories: cleaning brush, travel case & charging adaptor

Packing :
* Outer carton size: 34*19*27cm
* Piece per carton: 10pcs per carton
* Carton net weight: 2.51kg
* Carton gross weight: 3kg


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