- Telephone
- Accessories
- Cables
* Amplified Volume - Up To 40dB, Amplified Ringer - Up To 90dB
* 3 Band Equalizer Allows For The User * To Adjust The Frequency Of The Tone For Their Specific Hearing Loss Needs
* 3 One-Touch Emergency Buttons
* Large Keypad Numbers & Letters
* Visual Ringer
* Wall Mountable/Mount Included
* Data Port Allows the Connection of Fax Machines or Modems
* Redial, Mute
* 3.5mm Neckloop Jack
* Braille Augmented Keypad
* Vibrating Alert 2.5mm Alert Jack for * Included Vibrating Pad
Specification is for reference only... subject change time to time because of version change.


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